Curriculum vitae of Marko Vitez

Name: Marko Vitez
Place and date of birth: Trieste (Italy), July 10, 1972
Address: Trebiciano 269 34149 Trieste (TS) Italy
Cellphone number: +39-347-3041292
Home page:

MS, Electronic Engineering (major: Telecommunications), University of Trieste, Italy, 1998, graduated 108/110.
EC Engineering Certificate, Italy, 1998
Thesis: "Music streaming over the Internet with controlled loss of quality", adviser prof. Fulvio Babich.
Professional interests:
Signal processing, embedded systems, protocols and networking, compilers, I prefer to think and develop than just assemble pieces of code
Working experiences:
  • Cooperation with Fwdnxt, then Micron, in the development of the compiler for the Micron Deep Learning Accelerator (once Snowflake deep neural network processor) (2017-2023).
  • Cooperation with Movidius, then Intel, in the development of the Neural Compute Stick (once Fathom) (2016-2018).
  • Cooperation with Purdue University and Teradeep on Convolutional Neural Networks for image recognition (2014-2017).
  • Independent software developer. Various products have been realized on commission or by self initiative in order to be sold to the market. These products are mainly targeted to a professional market in the field of telecommunications. Most of them are PC software (, but some embedded designs have also been realized on commission, some comprising hardware design and others not (1997-).
  • Main developer of a complete VoIP solution (vPhone, server and client applications). Development of a proprietary VoIP protocol and its implementation for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. Implementation of the SIP protocol for the same platforms (2003-2013).
  • Main developer of a software suite for complete automation of networks of radio stations (VMDSS (DOS) and Qnet (Windows) projects). Player, Database, TCP/IP, ISDN, RDS and SMS interface, ISDN and TCP/IP music streaming. In use at Radio 1, Radio Antena, Radio Fantasy, Radio Ognjišče (Slovenia) and other (1996-). The Qnet suite has been adapted to video and is now a complete solution for TV broadcasting automation (standard and high definition). In use at InfoTV (the first commercial high definition TV in Slovenia), VPK and other (1996-).
  • Development of a TDMA/TDM controller for satellite communications in collaboration with CNUCE and Marconi (1999-2002).
  • Research activity with a grant from CNIT (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni) in the project "Integration of Multimedia Services on Heterogeneous Satellite Interconnected Networks". Protocols, networking problematics, MPEG-4 audio and video codings (1999-2001).
  • Computers, networks and audio equipment installation and maintenance at radio stations (1996-2000).
  • DSP software development on Motorola DSP56002 (research activity) (1997).
  • Publications:
    Fulvio Babich, Marko Vitez, "A Novel Wide-Band Audio Transmission Scheme over the Internet with a Smooth Quality Degradation", Computer Communication Review, January 2000.
    Andre Xian Ming Chang, Aliasger Zaidy, Marko Vitez, Lukasz Burzawa, Eugenio Culurciello, "Deep neural networks compiler for a trace-based accelerator", Journal of Systems Architecture, January 2020.
    Computer skills:
    Assembly and programming languages: Z80, MC68000, i386, DSP56002, Microchip PICs, SQL, C, C++, C#, Java, Pascal, Modula-2, BASIC, Lua, Python.
    Platforms: Atari ST, DOS, DOS4GW, OS/2, Windows, Windows CE, Linux, Solaris (with software development on everyone). Minor experience on Android and iOS.
    Engineering software: PCAD for DOS, Protel for Windows, MATLAB, ns-2 network simulator, Torch, Pytorch, Caffe, Tensorflow.
    Hobbies and other activities:
    Home automation: complete hardware, software and cross-compiler for an automation dedicated language.
    Spoken languages:
    Slovene, italian, very good english, a little german.
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