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The Picoserver has two main functions:

  • It allows to be called via the user id (nickname) instead of by IP address.
  • Only for people with a NAPT router: it "opens" the Picophone UDP port in the router for incoming Picophone connections. Anyway, this latter works only if the NAPT router does not check the source IP address of the UDP packets, since in this case the only allowed packets are those from the Picoserver. If the router behaves in this way, the Picophone port has to be opened manually by configuring the router to route all incoming Picophone packets (=packets with destination port number 11676) towards the IP address of the computer, where Picophone is installed.
  • In order to use it, you have to select it in the Picophone settings (there is only one IP address present in the list, it should be and enter the right identity and password.

    Registrations of new users and password changing are now done automatically by Picophone. It is not necessary to register on the picoserver anymore. When you type a username and password in Picophone, a new account will be automatically created, if the chosen username is not already in use. Password can be changed by simply typing a different password in Picophone preferences after a successful logon.

    Important: Accounts are automatically suspended after 30 days of inactivity.

    Please do not try to guess people's names (indentities) and call people that haven't given you their name and authorization to be called. You could call people that aren't those who you are willing to call or people that don't want to be called. Specifically don't try to call me.

    The picoserver service is free.