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Audio Streaming over ISDN and TCP/IP

I-Live was born as a software ISDN codec. ISDN codecs are machines that are able to transmit and receive audio via ISDN lines using sound compression obtained with various encoding algorithms. I-Live has developed to the actual level, which provides:

Connection between two I-Live-s through one or two ISDN lines (CAPI 2.0 interface) or TCP/IP.
Connection one-to-many I-Live-s through IP multicasting (multicast version only).
Supported codec-s: G.711, G.722, MPEG layer 2 or layer 3, Ogg Vorbis.
Supported audio devices: Digigram cards with NP drivers, standard audio cards for Windows.
Recording of received stream to file.
Chat window.
Remote control of attached devices via parallel port.
File streaming and file transfer.
Synchronization and optional streaming to Qnet Studio.

I-Live is distributed by

Logical Tools Srl.
Via Pietro Cartoni 157
00152 Roma