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Complete ISDN-VoIP-CTI telephony solution

QPhone is primarily a software ISDN telephone, but this definition is too limiting, because its uses can go far beyond a simple telephone. It can be used as a computer based hybrid, a complete calling center software, a front-end to a calling center software, a programmable auto responder, a VoIP-ISDN gateway, or a PC front-end to a CTI enabled external phone. See some Qphone applications.


- can manage eight calls on one to four ISDN basic accesses;
- internet calls with picophone protocol;
- conference calls through integrated conference mixing bridge;
- integrated phonebook;
- automatic save to phonebook of new numbers;
- complete log of incoming and outgoing calls;
- statistics (total calls, calls in last 30 days, calls in last 7 days, calls today, differentiated for incoming, outgoing, answered, unanswered, for every number);
- manual or automatic recording of calls in normal quality or enhanced quality (higher sampling frequency for operator voice - 16, 32 or 48 kHz), in mono or stereo (operator to one channel, connected party to the other);
- programmable answering machine, folder based, which can react to user input via DTMF keys, respond to user requests, record messages or alert the operator;
- monitoring of calls on answering machine;
- automatic reaction on incoming calls based on the calling or called number, or picophone subaddress: alert operator (default), refuse call, deflect to number, deflect to answering machine folder, call link via integrated router to another ISDN or internet line;
- call transfer/link to number or call transfer/link to held call;
- the link function allows to route ISDN calls via internet to another ISDN line;
- four fast buttons for call transfer to predefined numbers;
- software echo canceller (does not require special CTI-enabled ISDN adapters);
- calling list: continuously calls a list of numbers until somebody answers;
- reminder function: reminds that a call has to be made at a predefined time;
- interview function: presents the operator a list of programmed questions and saves the output to a text file;

ISDN supplementary services:

- Calling Line Identification Presentation
- Calling Line Identification Restriction
- Connected Line Identification Presentation
- Connected Line Identification Restriction
- Direct Dial In
- Subaddressing
- User to user signalling
- Advice of charge
- Call waiting
- Call hold
- Call deflection
- Three party conference
- Terminal portability (Suspend and Resume of calls)
- Explicit call transfer

Additional functionalities:

- control of an external CTI-enabled phone (TAPI interface);
- access to custom databases for additional data (upon agreement);
- additional custom modules (upon agreement);

Download the demo version here.
Download only the manual here.

QPhone is distributed by

Logical Tools Srl.
Via Pietro Cartoni 157
00152 Roma