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Some QPhone application scenarios

Application 1: call center

QPhone can be used in a call center to assist operators in their job. QPhone can log calls, can record calls (e.g. in a bank or trading agencies where people have to confirm their orders and the orders have to be recorded), can identify customers by their number and bring out their data from a central database, or can call a customer automatically without having the operator to dial the number manually. The user can use a headset connected directly to the PC (top) or a CTI-enabled phone connected to the PC (bottom). The connection to a central database is optional.

Application 2: telephone hybrid (radio station)

Telephone hybrids are required to interface an analog telephone line with a mixer. Audio from the phone interlocutor can then go on-air together with the speaker voice, who goes also to the phone interlocutor. This analog system can be substituted by a PC with QPhone. The PC's audio card is connected to the mixer, while its ISDN interface card is connected to the ISDN line. A hybrid is not necessary anymore in this situation. Qphone can now do advanced jobs like call statistics, call logs, call blocks (for unwanted people), answering machine that alerts people that they are going on-air.

Application 3: ISDN/VoIP gateway

When a firm has one or more offices around, their phone lines can be connected to the central office via Internet. All calls between the offices will be free (unless for the Internet connectivity). The other offices can also be connected to the PSTN via the main office PABX, so the ISDN connection to the PSTN is optional in the other offices.