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SMS Center

SMS center is not a simple application for reading short messages, but a complete dispatching center. It is structured as an input-dispatcher-output engine. Messages can arrive from a GSM phone or module, from e-mail (SMS Center can act as a SMTP server or as a POP3 client), from web (it can act as a web server), from other SMS Centers in the LAN, from text files copied in the right location or simply they can be entered by the user. These messages are processed and rerouted to an output queue. This output queue permits to send the messages via GSM, via web (with different protocols), via e-mail (SMS Center can act as a SMTP client or as a MAPI client, where the messages are copied to the outbox of the preferred mail application), they can be put in a text file or simply on screen.

In connection with the Qnet Radio Automation software, the currently playing song can be used as an information to send.

Various statistics are collected, as the number of messages sent by a given number in the last day, the last week, the last month and in total. Other interesting features are present.

Download the manual for more information or download the demo version.

SMS Center is distributed by

Logical Tools Srl.
Via Pietro Cartoni 157
00152 Roma