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Qnet Radio Automation

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Opensource libraries
  • CONVERT - automatic conversion between sound formats. Software MPEG encoding (layer 2 and 3), hardware MPEG encoding (layer 2, via Digigram audio cards), software MPEG decoding (layer 2 and 3), software sampling frequency conversion (from any sampling frequency to any sampling frequency, with a professional algorithm, which gives absolutely perfect quality), hardware sampling frequency conversion (as supported by Digigram audio cards), dynamics processing (limiting, compression and expansion, with look-ahead). Optional automatic check and download via FTP. Multiple profiles.
  • TRANSFER - automatic transfer of files between stations via ISDN (CAPI 2.0 or TAPI transport services) or TCP/IP. Full integration with Qnet Studio and Database for simplified remote administration of stations.
  • FTPCOPY - automatic files retrieving and sending via the FTP protocol
  • MANAGER - automatic files renaming, moving, copying and encoding for multiple-station studios. Multiple stations management via LAN or ISDN (Transfer required).
  • SPOT MANAGER - managing of customers, spots ordering (production and scheduling), invoicing. Differential spot scheduling for concurrent operation by different agents.
  • MEDIAPLAN EDITOR - spots scheduling via media plan.
  • NEWS - News and advices recorder for extremely fast and simple recording of pre-programmed files.
  • PLCHECK - Playlist checker for extremely complicated scenarios, where multiple stations are managed via remote playlists at one or more studios.
  • MINICKGW, MINICKGWSERVER and MINICKGWISDN - current song title available to GSM users via MobiSound service (provided by swiss company Minick or by SMS CENTER).
  • RDS - RDS programming. Interface to Qnet Studio to have currently playing song and title available on RDS and traffic announcement on jingle button.
  • RDSSHOW - RDS monitor.
  • USER MANAGER - Managing of user accounts for the system.