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Qnet is a software suite designed to automate the tasks of scheduling and playing songs, spots, jingles, reports and other types of services present at a radio broadcasting station.

A special accent has been put on the networking capabilities - and thereafter the name Qnet. The system is designed to manage an entire network of stations connected via ISDN lines or LAN.

The software suite is composed of several programs:

  • DATABASE - managing of main archives: songs, spots, jingles, backgrounds, live reports and timed blocks. Remote playlists editor and recorder with Speech-on-intro function. Integrated recorder/player/editor. Fast audio parameters editing. Database operations: integrated and very fast sorting and searching, editing aid operations: replacing, filling, deleting, moving, copying and swapping of database fields. Music manager for song files administration. Automatic playlists generation. Extremely rich blocks and playlists: songs, spots, jingles, backgrounds, reports, news, files, speeches, pauses, time announcements, advices, external commands execution, automatic and random song or jingle insertion (by type or group), playlist change command, sub-blocks. Pre-, mid- and end- spot events, pre-events, break-events. Spots fixing at the block beginning, at the block end, in the block (to avoid automatic recalculation of spots scheduling). Table-driven playlist editor for optimal songs scheduling. Table driven spots scheduling (media plan) for full control of spots scheduling. Economic categories management.


  • STUDIO - full automatic player. Two audio cards managed - one for on-air and one for prelistening. Programmed playing via remote playlists function or user editing. Automatic playing via types playlist. Playlists changing managed via table-driven editor. Unlimited numbers of jingles buttons (12 per group, 5 groups per panel, one fixed panel and unlimited number of interchangeable panels). Multiple jingles per button. Files, external commands, time announcemnt and RDS - Traffic announcement function on jingle buttons. Mix over, abort and sequential playing of jingles. Manual and automatic insertion of playlists and blocks. Manual insertion of songs, jingles and files everywhere in the playlist. Two kinds of fade, normal fade and soft fade (fully programmable). Alternative start of songs (hot-start). Mix editor. Panic button for automatic safe restart on user panic. Automatic and manual reloading of databases. Automatic files reception via multiple external programs. Stations simulation. Automatic live-in (via I-Live, no operator required). Three logs (normal log, errors log, detailed log). Reminder.


  • RECORDER - sound recorder, player and simple editor. Recording timers.
  • QCD - CD audio extraction.
  • MP2ENCODER - encode WAVE files in Digigram compatible MPEG layer-2 files
  • LOGWORKS - Logs processor for Qnet Studio. Presents played songs and spots in a user-friendly fashion, with all the relevant data.
  • The manual is available for download here.
    Download the demo version.

    Supported audio devices: Digigram cards with NP drivers. Standard audio cards for Windows (DirectSound and Wave mode).
    Supported audio formats: 16 bit PCM WAV files. MPEG layer-2 and layer-3 files (fixed bitrate only).