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Some programs of the Qnet Software Suite and the Logical Tools I-Live audio streaming application can use software audio encoders. These encoders can be found on the Internet, but improved versions are available here. The versions found here are slight modifications of the libraries found in projects as LAME, CDex and Vorbis. The modifications add functionalities as dynamic bitrate switching, non standard frame lengths, non padded 44.1 kHz frames, and others. The vorbis encoder hasn't been modified, but the static libraries have been linked together in a single DLL, along with additional functions, which add a higher layer for encoding and decoding management. These three dynamic libraries are available here in executable (DLL) form and in source code form.

MP2ENC.DLL MPEG layer 2 encoding library: DLL, source code
LAME_ENC.DLL MPEG layer 3 encoding library: DLL, source code
VORBIS.DLL Ogg Vorbis encoding and decoding library: DLL, source code

LAME homepage
CDex homepage
Ogg Vorbis homepage